No, I don't sell Guinness and I don't sell Gibson. I just love them. And I didn't come up yet with a good, smart, compelling reason why I started this site. Let's say partially it's because of a fashion thing, may be because I had too much Guinness one night. Doesn't matter. And here're the news...

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Well you can call it a sell, but I kid you not.

Dental practice
Let me tell you. Last week I went to the dental office which was an amazing experience. I am usually not a favor of dental visits, I am trying to avoid them to tell the least. But dr Svetlana Gomer and the office in Tewksbury Tewksbury Dental simply amazed me. Every thing was up to highest standards - personal relation, care, environment, technology. I highly suggest to visit them if you need any dental procedure.



OK, here we go. another few years passed by without the updates. Hm... The last one was in Novermber of 2006. So almost six years. Lot's of shit happend. Divorce another marriage, my son is almost 2 years old, I'm playing another band called "Lozhnyj perelom". How about such a short summary of 6 years?


11.07.06 - Pics from September's team building were added.

07.09.06 - Pics from April 2005 gig were added.

-Yesterday I told my fiance about all my sins.
-It didn't help. The wedding is in 3 weeks...


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