And what's with counters? Actually, it's a simple thing, nobody cares about unless you have a commercial web site or trying to make a quick buck on ads. I'm not. As you noticed, my web site is ad free and I'm planning to keep it that way. (Well it's not like they beg me to put somebody's banner or ad here :) )
Well, as a normal man with a personal web site, I expected to have millions hits a day here. For some reason it didn't happen :). People just don't realize how much useful and interesting information they mis! Anyway, when I just started the web site, I wanted to see how many people would get there. My hosting company provides that kind of service so I decided to use theirs. And guess what? After a month, when site had first 200 visitors (un-fucking-believable :)! ), I found that counter has been reset to 0. Are you fu.. kidding me?
So I e-mail support and got a reply back saying: "Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. It's never gonna happen again. Just some kind of technical backup optimization problem". Backup what? OK, doesn't matter.
Exactly one month later this happened again. As a polite customer, I wrote them again and said: " OK guys, Accidently, I'm a software guy and if you don't mind I can give you a couple pointers where the bug could be". It was not 30 secs later when I got a response from them saying: "If you're such a fu.. smart ass, why don't you use your own fu.. counter and stop bother our honest and hardworking programmers, working their asses off to make your life a fu.. paradise. What a shame!"
So I got ashamed of myself and a few night later I had my own counter which I use since. And just for the heck of it, I registered on some other sites, that provide counters, just to see what would be a difference. And as they say: "At the end there should be only one.."

Here's the original counter from the hosting company. Since it's been reset, the real number is a sum of these two. Last time it was reset in December 2003.


This one is from It counts hits, unique visitors and unique hosts total and today.

This one is the same thing but from BTW sometimes, certain firewalls do not allow to see numbers. If you don't see numbers and really want to see them, jsut turn off you firewall and reload the page. показано количество хитов и посетителей